Pride 2012 Wrap Up

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Pride 2012 Wrap Up


It’s hard to believe how quickly Pride came and went this year. Seems like it was just January and we were putting together Maui Pride as a Non-Profit. Now that our Pride celebration is over, we can start planning for next year. I don’t know if most of you know this, but Maui Pride started as a new Non-Profit in January of 2012, for pulling off everything that happened this past year is an amazing task and couldn’t have been done without so many of you!

We did a survey as most of you will recall on Facebook as well as to everyone who purchased tickets online. We greatly appreciate the feedback as it helps us with ideas for next year. I wanted to take a few moments and share what lies ahead for Maui Pride as, it’s important to keep this positive momentum moving forward.

First off, let me say how thankful I am that we have an amazing Board of Directors, volunteers and all the sponsors that helped make this Pride a success. We set out with a goal this year to change the way Pride happens and make it a positive event. And as most everyone who completed the survey can agree, we did so (even with the controversial Maui Time paper.) Our goal to mix Hawaiian culture and mainland feel while bring the community together worked quiet well. It gave us a foundation to build on, and continue moving forward.

We gave away two scholarships to LGBT youth, who were so grateful to have help for their schooling. We have made the goal of raising $5,000 to go towards scholarships which is double of what we raised this last year and I know with everyone’s help we will get there.

This year as we continue to keep growing; you will see a lot of your favorite events again and some new ones as well. One exciting event will happen in December (watch Facebook for details) and the other is a joint venture with the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort. In February Maui Pride and the Maui Sunseeker present “Whale”abration which is a gay cruise with whale watching. Tickets and details will be up in November. Our goal is to have an event every month that not only raises money for our festival, but also our scholarships. These events bring our community closer together.

A lot of people asked why Pride was in October, the biggest reason was so we wouldn’t be competing with other Prides. It’s also a slower time on the island and a great time to encourage visitors from the mainland to come over. Not to mention Maui is beautiful in October! So, mark your calendars because Pride will happen October 4-6,2013! It will be bigger, flashier, and filled with lots of Pride and Aloha!

If you have ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to send them our way. Let’s continue to build our LGBT community on Maui!


Bob Kincaid, President

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