Mayors for Freedom to Marry

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Mayors for Freedom to Marry

Aloha Mr. Mayor,

My name is Chelton Miyazono. I’m writing you to ask if you will please sign the Mayors for Freedom to Marry agreement.

A census review completed in 2008 by the Williams Institute of UCLA, estimated that there are 373 same-sex couples/families living in Maui County. By now, I’m sure this number has grown. Please sign this statement to recognize the equality of hundreds of same-sex couples/families and the many LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) citizens living in Maui County.

By signing this statement, you will join the ranks of over 300 Mayors from 35 different States in support of the freedom to marry. Mayor Kenoi of Hawai’i County and Mayor Caldwell of Honolulu have already signed this statement. You and Mayor Carvalho of Kaua’i have yet to join the movement for marriage equality. With your signature of support, you welcome LGBT people around the world, to visit and experience all of the Aloha and beauty that the islands of Maui County have to offer.

With your name added to this statement, you will be standing up for the rights of hundreds of citizens who elected you into office. It will mean my partner and I and other residents like us, has a leader that believes in the equal freedoms for all Americans. It will signify the fight for equality isn’t thousands of miles away on the mainland, but exist right here on our home-island.

My partner and I invite you and Mrs. Arakwara into our home, so we can share with you that our relationship, like many other same-sex couples living on Maui, is no different from yours.

In conclusion, will you please sign this statement in support of the freedom to marry.

Very Respectfully,
Chelton James Miyazono

Visit the Freedom to Marry Web Page for more information on the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry Statement.

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